'Ungifting': A solution to unwanted gifts with your teammates

Ungifted Secret Santa is a free platform where you and your workmates can gift each other nice surprises instead of stuff that's destined for landfill – it could be anything from a month of memes to a surprise burrito.

Because gifting should be more about creating delight, which does not have to come from 'stuff'.

I think this is brilliant: 'Unprompted applause in their next meeting' gift with the description being: "They’ve contributed relentlessly and it’s been overlooked remorselessly – but it’s time for that to change. So when they make a great point in an upcoming meeting, surprise them with the applause they utterly deserve."

Watch the video to discover more or sign up at

If you like this, wait until I write the tips on Small Gestures That Make a Big Difference! Stay tuned!




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