The Best Gift I've Ever Received was On A USB; & Other Thoughtful Gifts

For my 29th birthday, one of my girlfriends passed me a metallic Kingston USB. Kingston USB's are encased in super slick metal, but she said my gift was *on it*!!!

She was a marketing director at the time and had come across years of accumulated fonts - yes, like typography. For anyone that I am loosing here due to lack of interest, let me put it to you that a really good font library is decades long, ongoing digital effort! This gift probably costed her next to nothing except for a thoughtful brain-cell search where she pinpointed my deepest desires - which is perversely anything that is disproportionately inexpensive to how much time it would take to find / source / make it.

Here are some other gift examples of Disproportioantely-Inexpensive-to-Time&Effort-Costs Gifts:

1) Digitally curated Spotify playlist - self explanatory.

2) Baking a tin of cookies - even if it tastes like poop, your recipient will love it because of the effort.

3) A booklist of specific interests - this is a tough one to do because it will require you to have read those books in order to properly recommend them.

4) A guided recommendations map of specific interests - I once made someone a ramen-map of really great bowls of ramen I have eaten within Vancouver. I wrote what I enjoyed about them, the unique features and spent a few hours researching ones I hadn't gone to.

For all the effort it requires from you to put any of these gifts together, I hope your lucky recipient g-dang appreciates it!




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