Holiday Spirit Starter Pack


Welcome to a curious inquiry on what brings our community together and creating meaningful connections. This is an evolving digital space to celebrate awesome human beings and a place to hang out 'cause we're better together. 

On this December edition we ask what The Holidays really mean. When a particular department store was screaming !!The Holidays Are Here!! in the middle of October it really put a big dent in my Holiday Tea Party plans. As a consumer who consciously endorses meaningful experiences I was suddenly, and for a good deal of the month, at a loss for how to communicate what the holidays are about for White Heather. So if you are here, maybe you are asking yourself the same questions and our edible offerings are not satisfying your search for meaning; here are some other ways which may bring the festivities and joy back into focus. 

So, if you haven't guessed already, the theme of this month doubles as a hypothesis, [are we] Better Together! (?) In this space, I'll attempt to provide supporting documentation and endeavour to sprinkle more holiday sparkle in the form of inquiries and findings, so stay tuned for my Small Gestures That Make a Big Difference, or Handmade Holiday Cards You Can Just Press Print (from Your's Truly). 

With Love,

White Heather Tea Room

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