The Genuine Gift Exchange to Facilitate Genuine Connections

The gift exchange that is really about making new connections!

Having tea for one might be my idea of indulging but not everyone thinks so. Sometimes we have single visitors which makes me ponder whether they are here to indulge as I would or more seriously, how much harder it is to make friends as adults?

With the upcoming holidays and festivities, social's isolation is more poignantly felt than ever. What's there to do?! (Good question.)

Bring a gift, take a gift - & maybe make a new friend?

The idea is simple - bring a gift no more than $10 of value to trade. If you bring a gift, there will be a gift for you to take. You can leave your gift anonymously or leave your deets inside the gift wrapping. The next person who gets your gift may give you a phone call and if matchmakers are to believed, maybe your common interests in visiting tearooms might be the spark to some interesting conversation prompts.

I will start the gift exchange myself by leaving a few gifts for the first few people to take home. I can't tell you what it is but I can tell you the gift wrapping will be awesome. This gift exchange will take place starting Dec 4 until the 31st.

We've never hosted anything like this before, so some consideration and patience would be nice.

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