I'm so glad scones exist! This is the tea box which appreciates scones, creams, and light afternoon indulgences.


If you believe that there is little a scone could not make better...have four! With cookies or cake! And a few pots of tea! You could share it with a friend, or four...or not. It's an uncomplicated decision: have a few scones, slather it with creams and jams...before you know it, those emails or that to-do list are distant memory!



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Minda has been baking scones for close to 20 years; in that time she has cuddled and petted close to 360,620 scones (+/- a few). It's safe to say that she's got the magic fingers to turn out pretty consistently fluffy and moist scones. In that time she's tasted a few...and every day she bakes, she insists that Apricot&Ginger is the best scone combo there is. So she makes Apricot&Ginger scones. Then she looks inside herself (and our fridge and pantry) and decides on a second flavour scone of berry variety...so that we can offer you...variety. And there you have it! That's how the decisions are made about which scones are baked, and now you can decide how you which you want to enjoy! 



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This item is pick-up only. Box teas do not include utensils, dishwear or tea carafe.

Hannah - Cream Tea Box

Flavours / GF Scones
Pick Up

    4 Daily fruit scones;

    Enjoy with housemade raspberry jam, lemon curd and White Heather cream (4oz.);

    4 Daily shortbreads (or 2 Daily cake slices);

    2 Loose leaf tea satches (3grams each)*;

    Fresh seasonal fruit and fruit art.



    4 Daily fruit scones; 

    Enjoy with housemade raspberry jam, lemon curd and White Heather cream (4oz.); 

    4 Daily shortbreads;

    2 Loose leaf tea satchels (3grams each)*; 

    Fresh seasonal fruit and fruit art. 


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