Our Afternoon Tea Box for Two can be packaged to be enjoyed in the backdrop of your choosing. Built for two these boxes are built to be transported and built on a similar template to our Muckle Tea, please see our menu section for details!


***Please note: Once your order is placed we'll work with you to arrange for pick-up time. This item is pick-up only. Box teas do not include utensils, dishwear or bagged teas / tea carafe***

Afternoon Tea Box for Two


    2 Daily scones, enjoy with housemade raspberry jam, lemon curd, White Heather cream. 

    2 Savoury mini quiche with sundried tomatoes and caramelized onions 

    2 Mini scones with chicken and grape filling 

    2 Ham and relish pinwheels 

    2 Egg salad, radish, parsley and olive pinwheel 

    2 Cucumber creamcheese tea sandwiches 

    2 Daily tea cake slices 

    2 Daily baked shortbread (candied ginger, hazelnut, vanilla)

    2 Lemon curd fresh cream tart 

    4 Daily selection of baked goods, desserts and confections 

    Fresh seasonal fruit and fruit art 





Should we bring the party to your inbox? 

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