The Wee Tea, our trademark afternoon tea set, is available in its original formula and assembly, ready to be deployed in your home! Everything is assembled as you'd need to plate on your nana's china and tea saucers; just add water - quite...literally (comes with loose leaf tea satchels for tea!) 


Each tier and course of the tea is individually packaged on cakeboards for you to plate directly. The Wee Tea comes in 3 boxes for 3-tiers (warm scones and hor d'oeuvres plate; tea sandwiches plate; dessert and confections plate) and 2 loose leaf tea satchels for two pots of tea.  

***Please note the Wee Afternoon Tea boxes does not include: utensils, dishwear or tea carafe; the Wee Tea is available in odd number tea set!***

Wee Tea at Home

How many people?
  • Bottom Tier:

    Daily scones enjoy with housemade preserves: raspberry jam, lemon curd, White Heather Cream


    Middle Tier:

    • Blackforest ham, red pepper, pickle and relish pinwheel tea sandwiches
    • Egg, celery, cracked pepper, parsley and olive pinwheel tea sandwiches 
    • Mini cheese sconewiches filled with chicken and apple salad 


    Top Tier

    • Daily cake / confections  
    • Daily dessert squares
    • Lemon curd fresh cream tart 


    Enjoy afternoon tea with two loose leaf tea satchels; choose any two from tea menu at pick up! 


    3 person Wee Tea available; please see selection options below.


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