For a limited time,

White Heather presents:

The Great Summer



The crystalline surface of the

ocean ebbs and flows before you,

ripples in the soft breeze,

...a child’s toy sailboat

edges gently shoreward.

The few picturesque clouds

drift away from the sun

- - - ever so gently, and…

the sailboat floats ever more calmly shoreward.

The sky brightens completely.

‘What are you waiting for?’ 

a2647692787_10 copy2.png

Introducing the *ultimate* picnic basket, borne out of a love of frolicking and tender morsels. Not to be confused for a bourgeoisie affair, this picnic is meant for leisurely pleasures partaken in the sunshine with friends and family. This is for the miniature obsessed, flavour connoisseurs, hashtag ‘epic’ foodgrams; this is the ‘TOTAL LOOK’ as they say in the French fashion industry. 

Limited weekly picnics will be made available for order.  Features in the picnic tea may change throughout the season! Stay up to date on availability and feature specials by following us on instagram. 

Currently, we’re only offering the picnic tea for Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

*Updated pick-up hours for your lunch and evening picnics!*