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Shipping & Returns

All teaboxes cannot be returned or refunded. If you believe there has been an error in your order, please contact us via email or telephone with your order number and name so we may better help you. 

Q. How long does shipping take for my tea order? 

     A. Approximately 2-5 business days. We try to ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Q. What are the costs of shipment? 

     A.Within Canada, shipping is $25 CAD provided with free tracking. CAN orders over $150 are $20 CAD flat rate. To the United States shipping is $25 CAD. US orders over $200 are $20 CAD flat rate. An additional $3-5 requested for tracked USA shipping. 

Q. What is your shipping time? 

     A. Shipping time depends on where you are! Within Canada, please allow around 10 business days. Within the USA, expect from 15-20 business days. All shipments are ground, regular shipping. We thank you for understanding we cannot guarantee an exact arrival time. 

Q. What do I do if I provided the wrong address for shipment? 

     A. Please tell us as soon as you can. If your parcel hasn't been shipped, we can modify the address. If your parcel has been shipped however, we will not be able to modify any information. 

Q. My parcel is lost/stolen. What do I do? 

     A. Please contact Canada Post or USPS/UPS directly for assistance. We unfortunately do not have any information on lost or stolen parcels. Any lost or stolen parcel cannot be refunded. 

Q. I received my teas but wish to return them, how can I do that?

     A. We do not allow returns on our loose leaf teas nor any of our teaboxes. 

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