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Dining-In Menus:
Afternoon Tea & Lunch

Afternoon Teas

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is served two seating times per day (11:30 am or 1:30pm). We offer 3 different sizes of afternoon tea sets and a GF tea. In addition, we try our best to accommodate vegetarians, pescatarians and nut-free diets. We also love celebrations of any kind: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bridal and baby showers, self-care days...let us know how we can make your visit special. 



1. Big Muckle  

2. Not-So-Wee-Tea

4 courses, 13-afternoon tea morsels

Starter amuse-bouche 
Freshly baked scones with homemade preserves

Savoury finger hor d’oeuvres 

 Selection of tea sandwiches 

Mini sconewich with smoked salmon & cream cheese 

Selection of dessert bars, fresh tarts & confections 

Served with tea or coffee 

$60.00  per person

3-courses, 11-afternoon tea morsels

Freshly baked scone with homemade preserves

Savoury mini quiche

 Selection of tea sandwiches 

Mini sconewich with savoury filling 

Selection of dessert bars, fresh tarts & confections 

Served with tea or coffee 

$52.00  per person

3. Wee Tea 

4. Gluten-free Afternoon Tea

3-courses, 8-afternoon tea morsels

Fresh baked scones with homemade preserves

Savoury mini quiche

Selection of tea sandwiches 

Selection of fresh baking

Served with tea or coffee 

$42.00  per person

3 courses, 10-afternoon tea morsels 

Fresh baked scones with homemade preserves

Mini sconewich with savoury filling 

Selection of savoury open-face and tea sandwiches 

Savoury mini scones with tofu & seasonal vegetables 

Selection of fresh baking

Seasonal fruits

Served with tea or coffee 

$60.00 per person 

 We politely decline any substitutions.


Our lunch menu is served between 11:30 - 1:00pm, Thursday and Friday.***

We try our best to accommodate vegetarians and nut-free diets for lunch. Please let us know at the time of your booking and during your seating of any allergies and special requests. Thank you!

Lunch Sets $29

We are currently offering 3 entrees which are served with your choice of side salad***, pot of tea, and a unique two-piece rotating dessert plate 

1. Sconewich

2. Tea Sandwiches 

Daily baked large savoury scone with choice of filling: 

Chicken and apple salad or;  

Egg and celery salad or;

Roast peppers, artichoke hearts, avocado, tomatoes, pepper jelly, cream cheese.

4 daily assorted tea sandwiches: 

Egg salad & olives 

Black forest ham & relish 

Cucumber & cream cheese

*tea sandwich flavours are subject to change,
please inquire at the time of service. 

3. Large House Salad

Handpicked blend of crisp greens dressed with hardboiled egg, smoked salmon, avocado, bacon and tomatoes! Housemade citrus & mango dressing.  
*this meal comes with pot of tea / coffee & dessert, does not include soup.

Daily Features

The kitchen is the domain of a very whimsical French chef whose unstoppable creativity and imagination is as expansive as the universe. Sometimes she feels like a garden quiche, sometimes a seafood or chicken & mushroom crepe, sometimes a stew or a rustic soup. Please inquire at the time of dine-in for our daily features. 

*** Claudette is on vacation during the summer. At this time we are only serving lunch Thursdays and Fridays, and soups will be temporarily on pause. Thank you for understanding! ***

Afternoon Tea & Lunch Additions

Please note that these items below are value-additions to dine-in lunch meal or afternoon tea sets; we are able to offer offset prices for dine-in guests as part of their meal additions.  (BUT! They are offered as a-la-carte for takeaway at retail prices. Check out our takeaway menu.)

80g Loose Leaf Tea $19 / bag

Want to take home tea(s) you enjoyed during your visit? We carry our loose leaf tea selection in 80g bags; add-on any tea purchase with with your lunch / afternoon tea for discounted price. (Excludes select loose leaf tea).

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Notes & Considerations:

Please advise in advance of any allergies you may have.

Seating times are a maximum 90 minutes.


Two seatings per day; 11:30 / 11:45am  or 1:30 / 1:45pm

Last seating is at 1.45 pm. Reservations are highly encouraged to secure your seats in our cozy tearoom.

Afternoon Tea Menu is served during both seating times. Lunch menu is available between 11:30 - 1:00pm. 

At time of reservation, please let us know your diets / allergies and your tea-set orders in order for us to properly prepare for your visit. 

As a small business, in order to meet our operational costs, we appreciate your understanding that there is a $29 ordering minimum per person during dine-in. All afternoon tea sets are priced per person. 

Minimum charge applies to children 6 years+. Children under 6 years can order a-la-carte.  

Three-tier presentations are for orders of 2 or more people to fill out the presentation plates. 

An automatic gratuity of 18% will be added to the bill for groups of 6 or more.

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