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Afternoon Teas

Health & Safety Guidelines Observed:

White Heather is confidently operating to the highest safety standards. We are proudly meeting or exceeding health and safety guidelines as mandated by government. 

It is preferred that restaurants guests wear masks when moving through the restaurant and remove their masks once seated at their table to consume food and drink. 

We encourage all our guests to use hand sanitizer upon entering, and as they move through the restaurant. Hand sanitizer is situated in multiple locations throughout our tearoom, including entry door way, washrooms and thresholds. 

Staff health checks are performed at the beginning of each shift. Anyone suffering symptoms of illness is unable to work. Staff are also required to wear face masks when at work. Our staff is conscious of travel and their close COVID-19 bubble; we are observing a small circle of contact between ourselves, staff and family members. 

Staff are washing their hands between every contact with customers, food, and drink. 

To limit points of contact, we encourage people to use contactless payment as much as possible when transacting. We have set up tap-payment for our card-transactions and encourage our guests to use this. 

For dine-in guests we are happy to put in extra attention and effort to serve you by bringing anything you need, including payment machines, to you so to limit the amount of contact between tables. 

Tables are sanitized between each guest and seating time. Our staff diligently follows a sanitization schedule multiple times a day to clean high touch points. We ask our guests to observe their reservation seating times closely so we can use the 15-minute buffer between seating times to properly sanitize all surfaces. 

For pick-up, we're asking everyone to specify your pick-up times to manage any shop traffic. At the front door  Sloan or Yuyi will greet you and assist with providing your box.


We have outdoor benches while you're waiting and we ask you to keep 2m away from other patrons; we really appreciate your understanding and helping us keep everyone feel comfortable visiting. 

Our tearoom has reminders to sanitize, limit contact and encourage guests to allow us to bring your requests / observe any guidelines and support dine-in more safely and with ease throughout. We thank you for observing our rules and supporting small businesses! 

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