This teabox is a deceptively easy hostess trick when it comes to the art of upping the outdoor dining ante - order, pick up, and you’re ready to roll. An assortment of delicately prepared, plumped and fluffed amuse-bouche & hors d’oeuvre & other pleasurable delights worthy of a dame, or several. So throw this over your arm, display it with flare and enjoy your picnic with none of the prep!

***Please note, teaboxes do not include: utensils, dishwear or tea carafe***

Elizabeth - Ultra Three Course Afternoon Tea

  • Daily Scone

    (1) apricot and candied ginger and 

    (1) brandy apple cider, salted caramel, sweet toasted coconut scone

    enjoy with lemon curd, raspberry jam, WHTR cream 


    Warm Hor D’oeuvre

    (2) a juggling act of seasonal market produce, mini quiche:  

    (asparagus or pear and caramelized onions) 


    Tea Sandwiches

    (2) black forest ham, relish, red pepper pinwheel 

    (2) egg salad, olives, radish, parsley pinwheel

    (2) cucumber & cream cheese, triple decked tea sandwich

    (2) carnval corndogs deconstructed:  corn bread muffins, smoked ham, honey mustard, housemade red pepper jelly, gherkin pickle


    Tea Cake

    (2) cinnamon brown sugar ‘churros’ bundt cake, brushed with browned butter with side option of chocolate sauce (dip it! drip it! dunk it!)


    Desserts & Confections 

    (2) alchemy brownie milkshake: using secret ingredients (‘malt’) and three kinds of cocoa: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate ganache, we have derived hot fudge-y brownie gold; layered into white chocolate malt ganache, puffed rice chocolates, chocolate sauce. 


    (2) magic bites(can you believe this is the actual name of the confection?)  six layers of: cookie, sweetened milk, toffee, chocolate, pecans, toasted sweet coconut 



    (2) london fog / hot chocolate earl grey


    Sample Menu

    (Please note that menu changes daily but will follow a similar template) 


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