Thank you so much for your Father's Day orders we are sold out of our Elizabeth-for-One teaboxes. Our Muckle and Diane teaboxes are still stocked for Father's Day!


Behold! The premier of our individual-portioned afternoon teabox: it’s our Elizabeth Teabox, which offers one morsel of everything on the menu, in a personalized box for one! Beyond the edible show, this box is a repository for slow eats, slow leisures and a suspension of time for you to catch up on a cup of tea, a book, journaling, maybe just some peace of mind.


***Please note teaboxes do not include: utensils, dishwear or tea carafel. 

Elizabeth for One: Individual Tea Set, 4-Course Afternoon Tea

  • Starter: 
    Enjoy a seasonal handcut fruit cup with fruit art

    Apricot & old English custard scone
    Maple syrup & pecan scone
    enjoy with lemon curd, raspberry jam, WHTR cream 

    Warm Hor D’oeuvre:
    Mini savoury seasonal vegetable quiche 

    Tea Sandwiches:
    Black forest ham, relish, red pepper pinwheel 
    Egg salad, olives, radish, parsley pinwheel
    Cucumber & cream cheese, triple decked tea sandwich

    Small Sconewich: 
    cheddar and chive scone with Claudette's chicken and apple salad filling

    Tea Cake:
    Minda's peach poundcake with Mad Hatter shortbread crumble and peach glaze

    Ferrero Rocher gateau: dense dark chocolate brownie cake, whipped hazelnut ganache, nutella buttercream, meringue crisps.

    Desserts & confections: 

    (Claudette's) lemon curd tart with fresh chantilly   

    Jasmine tea madeleines with ambrosia honey glaze  

    Classic butter shortbread or toffee shortbread 

    Comes with one loose leaf tea satchel; please choose at time of pick up from our menu of over 25+ teas.