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Our Signature Muckle Tea carries the whimsy and timeless charm of high tea to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, easily served on your personal and beloved china. Made fresh with your needs and desires in mind, we guarnatee our signature will bring you and your loved ones the comfort of delicate foods and meticulously crafted desserts. Depending on our rotating desserts, you are welcome to ask for a tea recommendation  or choose based on your heart's desires. 


You can choose between plastic three-tiered set presentation or white cardboard cakebox presentation. For the three-tiered set, we place scones and warms at the bottom with your preserves, tea sandwiches in the middle, and desserts at the top, mirroring classic high tea. Our cardboard box presentation is artfully decorated and displayed with all items together. Let us know in your preferences. 


Notes: Our menu is subject to rotating, especially desserts. Although we try to update the menu whenever changes happen, we appreciate your understanding on this front. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the rotating menu. Additionally, tea boxes do not come with tea carafes, utensils, or hot water.

Signature Muckle Tea for 2+ People

  • (4) Scones on rotation, two flavours 

    (1 of each) enjoy with lemon curd, wild berries jam, and delicate cream

    (2) Daily mini quiche 

    (2) Cheese crustades: three cheese, twice toasted shells, almonds


    (2) Ham & relish pinwheels 

    (2) Egg salad & pimento olive pinwheel

    (2) Herbed cream cheese & cucumber tea sandwiches

    (2) Cheddar and herb mini sconewiches with chicken and apple salad


    (2) Chocolate and raspberry mousse

    (2) Magic bar with coconut and chocolate, layered on shortbread 

    (2) Red velvet cupcake with cream piping

    (2) Traditional scottish shortbread with hazelnut

    (2) Lemon tarts with meringue

    (2) Cookies and cream macaron


    Comes with one loose leaf tea satchel; please choose at time of pick up from our menu of over 25+ teas. Menu items could change on a whim, based on availability. Rotating desserts are chosen at teabox assembly and based on availability as our confections and cakes are made in rotation, daily. Please contact us for 100% up-to-date dessert menu.

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