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Please allow me to introduce our Le Cordon Bleu quality-level wedding cakes. Our pastry chef Yuyi has been creating masterful cakes for 5 wonderful years and is now bringing her skill to White Heather. We understand the incredible importance of a wedding, and am more than happy to communicate with you to ensure your vision is perfectly seen through. 


Our wedding cakes are 3-tiered, made with a poundcake interior with a cream cheese filling. Italian buttercream is then used for the outside to give a sturdy and beautiful finish. 


If you wish to schedule a time to come in-person and communicate your ideas with Yuyi and the staff, please feel free to give us a call or email. 


This cake must be preordered 1 week ahead at the least. Please note, cost may differ depending on your order. $350 is our starting price. 

Wedding Cakes

  • Pickup is at White Heather Tea Room located @ 1885 Oak Bay Ave. 


    We're social distancing! We're asking everyone to specify your pick-up times to manage any shop traffic. At the front door Sloan or Yuyi will greet you, direct you to the pick-up station and ask you to choose your two loose leaf tea selections while we will need a few minutes to place scones and shortbreads into the teabox as they will have just been baked in the morning and we won’t (refuse to) have them chill the fridge with the tea sandwiches. Ideally we’d love to show you your boxes and make sure you’re happy - usually 3-5 minutes where we get to enjoy your company briefly!  


    We have outdoor benches while you're waiting and we ask you to keep 2m away from other patrons; we really appreciate your understanding and helping us keep everyone feel comfortable visiting. 

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